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We went to Cape Town airport the other day, back in August while travelling in South Africa and up to Durban, on the east coast of the country. Although Africa doesn’t have amazing airports compared to those in the first world, there are some that are still beautiful and lovely to behold, if not world-class. Cape Town Airport was one of these!

It was pretty seamless when arriving, immigration was a cinch, the people friendly and it felt very safe, which is an obvious concern for most foreigners landing in Africa. The first thing you think about when you arrive at an airport is “Where to next?” and luckily, we had done our price research beforehand and chosen a local rental car company that collects you from the airport, and takes you right to their offices. It’s a little more tricky than a company who can give you a car right then and there, but the benefit is that you always panic at an airport and make snap decisions, often bad ones. Thankfully, we worked out that price-wise, it was cheaper to pay the R150 (the Rand exchange rate is about 18 to the £; so about £8) get transferred, and then save about R50-100 per day on the car hire.

We ended our stay in the very English-feeling Newlands, Cape Town, and certainly hope to return to it again, and also venture up the Garden Route again to do so some more epic surfing. It should be plenty of affordable, fun in the sun! This is a country, and airport we hope to revisit, time and time again.