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We found this interesting article about the safest airlines in 2018 and think it’s well worth the one minute it takes to read. When you pick an airline, one typically goes for the cheapest but we all know: cheapest often means the worst quality. If it is a pickle, or a night’s accommodation, you will survive with low quality but with air travel… wow, you don’t want to be on the unsafe side of the safety record of an aeroplane.

Airplane crashes are outliers. I mean, within that data they are not, but out of 10,000 flights I’d say less than one of them results in a crash. I made that stat up but if you want to see how may flights are happening daily then just take a look at this flight path map of the world. More official stats can be seen here and so you don’t have to go there 2017 saw 3.9 billion passengers fly, 2016 saw 3.7 billion, and both are a lot higher than the year 2000, which saw 1.64 billion trips by passengers.

As for accidents, the stats suggest that air travel is relatively safe. Take a look at these causes, then consider that 2017 saw zero deaths in commercial passenger flights, and lastly consider this US-based stat: “The number of deaths per passenger-mile on commercial airlines in the United States between 2000 and 2010 was about 0.2 deaths per 10 billion passenger-miles. For driving, the rate was 150 per 10 billion vehicle-miles for 2000 : 750 times higher per mile than for flying in a commercial airplane.”

Knowing how people drive, and how easy it is for them to pass a driving test, and knowing how many cars are in close proximity, and that drivers can be drunk… there are a multitude of reasons to being more fearful driving in car, than gliding high up over an ocean in a plane.

My final thoughts: stick to the safe airlines with a good track record. Originating in a first-world country helps, and good pilots, and reasonable fares are likely a good indicator too. Safe travels!